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Tile Roofing in Katy, TX

Make your home more eco-friendly with energy-efficient tile. American Exteriors Roofing installs, replaces, and repairs tile roofing in Katy, TX, and throughout the Greater Houston Area. Tile is one of the greenest roofing materials, as it comes from natural materials and has low embodied energy. That makes tile an affordable and sustainable choice for your roof.

Tile Roof Installation with Impressive Results

Roofing tiles are being used by architects and designers in all sorts of creative ways. They come in a wide variety of colors, which can be mixed and matched to create attractive patterns. Make sure your new tile roof is functional, as well as beautiful, by hiring a team that understands the intricacies of tile roof installation.

Installing a tile roof is more challenging than installing standard asphalt shingles, but our roofers are more than up to the task. We invest in our employees and provide them with the training they need to do the job right the first time. This saves us money in the long run, as it eliminates the need to return to the property to fix sloppy work. A lot of our business comes via referrals from happy customers, so we always work hard to ensure a perfect installation.

Tile Roof in Katy, TX

Tile Roof Repair at Competitive Prices

Roofing tiles are tough, hard, and durable, but they sometimes crack or fracture. A broken tile increases the risk of leaks and can result in damage to your home or business. Contact us for fast tile roof repair at competitive prices. We perform a free inspection and alert you to any problems with your roof.

If repairs are needed, we provide you with an estimate and carry out all of the necessary work without delay. Acting fast could save you a fortune in repair costs. If you notice any issues with your roof, don't hesitate to contact us. We're always happy to provide guidance and advice to prospective customers and suggest the best course of action for your tile roof.

Tile Roof Replacement for Any Building

When a tile roof is badly damaged or severely deteriorated, it may need to be replaced. Whenever possible, we offer affordable repairs that save as much of the original roof as possible, but sometimes a full replacement is the best option. Don't worry! Tile roof replacement is more affordable than you think. Using professional techniques, we tear off your old roof and install a new one that will last for decades. Our highly trained team works efficiently to minimize turnaround times and reduce waste. This lets us keep our costs low and allows us to offer the competitive prices that our customers love.

Contact us to keep your tile roof looking its best. We serve customers throughout the Greater Houston Area, including in Katy, Richmond, Sugar Land, and Rosenberg, Texas.